Brains & Brawn is a multidisciplinary Business Solution Agency and Production House founded in 2020 by generations of award-winning creatives and
like-minded professionals.

We exist to create work that inspire people to believe that great ideas can change the world.

Hence our motto,


Creativity is our only product.

Honesty is the structure of our business.

Trust is what keeps us going.

At Brains & Brawn, there are three values that we hold close to our hearts: creativity, honesty, and trust. In that exact order, we offer our services to our clients.

Creativity, although seems a bit hard to fathom, is our only product. We work days (and sometimes nights) to squeeze our brains for ideas that would inspire people. While spending the rest of the time crafting those ideas into colourful executions with the hope that they can potentially change the world for the better. With that being said, we value creativity highly and will not settle for less.

Honesty is the structure of our business. We are always honest and upfront with our clients. Not only when it boils down to the business side of things but also in the way we advertise. We know that without integrity, advertisers are only liars.

Trust is what keeps great brand partners coming through our door, and it goes both ways. Trust pushes us to throw rocks at your window at 4 AM to show our ideas to you because we are way too excited to wait until our next meetings. We can continue to talk about how we establish trust with our brand partners for the next four paragraphs but trust is only earned when actions meet words.

These are what made us who we are.
This is why we are Brains & Brawn.